Sprinkler Services


Design & Installation

We design and install sprinkler systems customized specifically for your lawn's needs. EZ Flow will install the best system with using the least amount of sprinkler heads and water usage. Doing so will save you money.

System Repair

Our team at EZ Flow Landscapes is equipped to handle any of your sprinkler repair needs. We are equipped to handle valve issues, mainline leaks, lateral line leaks, faulty sensors, controller problems, wiring issues, drip irrigation problems, coverage issues, clogged nozzles, and more. All repairs are handled by one of our licensed technicians.

Sprinkler Start Ups
Start ups usually start in mid April depending on weather. EZ Flow will set up the sprinkler timer, adjust all sprinkler heads and check for leaks/repairs. The turn on is to ensure your system is running properly with no issues. One leak can cost you hundreds of dollars each month.

Sprinkler Turn Offs/Blow Outs
Blowing out the sprinkler system is very crucial. If not completed or not completed properly the system can freeze and cause damage. EZ Flow will shut the water off to the system and blow compressed air through the backflow manifold and lines.

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